is looking for photographers to test the latest version of the image database. If you would like to try out please complete this very short questionnaire. If you have any questions contact is different to most on-line image databases in that it provides the tools for you to sell your own images on the Internet rather than taking a commission for selling your images for you. In addition will become the portal to a community of photographers and visitors to the site will be able to search through all the public images of all the photographers.

To see an example site built around go to

The Image Manager

The Image Manager was written specifically for and it is your link to the on-line database. It gives you complete control over which of your images are represented in the database and what information is assigned to those images. In addition it allows you to limit access to your images by creating user accounts, create pricing structures, view orders and even create surveys so that you can gather feedback from your clients.

Images Tab

Uploading images

The Main panel of the Image Manager allows you to select the images you want to upload, enter information about those images and upload that information together with a preview version of each image.

Each image can be assigned a price structure and several different pricing structures can be set up.

When several similar images are to be uploaded, details which apply to all those images can be entered into the template panel.

Users and group permissions

Each image has four sets of permissions associated with it 'View User', 'View Group', 'Download User' and 'Download Group'.

If an image is uploaded which has 'guest' user or 'guest' group permissions then that image will be visible to all visitors of the web site, otherwise in order to view the image a visitor will have to login as a user which is either a member of a group specified in the group permissions for the image or a user which is explicitly listed in the 'User' permissions of the image.

There are two versions of each image preview on the server, one with a copyright message and one without. Those users with permission though the 'View' permissions will see the copyright version and those with permissions through the 'Download' permissions will see the preview without the copyright message.


When a client places an order that order is e-mailed to the owner of the images in the order. The order will list each of the images that were ordered, the size and number of each print required and any custom options which have been setup by the photographer (such as borders on the images).

The orders can also be viewed using the Image Manager.

Website Hosting

If you do not currently have a web site then can host a site for you. The site can be anything from a simple web page with links to your photographs in the database or a complete web site hosted under your own domain. can also offer e-mail accounts.

Website Integration

If you have an existing website then the dynamic pages of the image database can be linked to your website with a look and feel to match your existing pages. 
If you have any questions please contact